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Meditative; thoughtfully silent.


Thinking deeply or closely; thoughtful.


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The students sensed his unwillingness to engage in confrontation and they read his museful mild delivery, sometimes far-wandering, as a kind of private escape, not unlike their own, from the assignment of the day.

'Forgive me if I say you talk like the bigger child,' Fleetwood said lightly, not ungenially; for the features he looked on were museful, a picture in their one expression.

Her delicious chatter, and her museful sparkle in listening, equally quickened every sense of life.

One evening Commodore Spiva met me as I walked museful in a grove.

He was silent, museful, and inattentive to my situation, yet made no motion to depart.

They betokened curiosity, but not suspicion; yet there were moments when I saw, or fancied I saw, some dissatisfaction betrayed in his features; and when I arrived at that period of my story which terminated with my departure, as his companion, for Europe, his pauses were, I thought, a little longer and more museful than I liked.

Notes For museful

The word 'museful' comes from 'muse' and the suffix '-ful'.

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