(pẽr`sĭ*ĕnz"; F. pẽr`syĕn")

  • Window blinds having movable slats, similar to Venetian blinds.

  • Outside window-shutters made of thin movable slats fastened in a frame on the principle of the Venetian blind. Also called Persian blinds.

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  • I wondered in what part of the building was situated her apartment; and a single light, shining through the persiennes of one croisee, seemed to direct me to it.

    The Professor, by Charlotte Bronte

  • I can see one of them rising from her work to rescue a fly that had fallen into trouble and, holding it delicately by the wings, lift the persiennes to let it fly away.

    A Childhood in Brittany Eighty Years Ago

  • When I reached the hotel, and mentioned her name, I was shown up to a private sitting-room on the first floor, facing the gay Paris boulevard, and with the bright light streaming in through its half-closed persiennes.


  • The house, with all its windows without _persiennes_ -- a detail I had quite overlooked -- faced the south, so that during the hottest hours of the day the sun was full upon it, and the heat was over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.

    Two Summers in Guyenne

Notes For persiennes

The word 'persiennes' comes from French.

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