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The planning, design and management of public spaces with regard to the communities that will inhabit them.


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Placemaking is "both a process and a philosophy" that deals with the planning and management of public spaces, and with the idea that public spaces are the heart of any community.

Through a project called 'Our Town,' the NEA is investing in creative placemaking, through which partners from both public and private sectors come together to strategically shape the social, physical, and economic character of a neighborhood, town, city, or region around arts and cultural activities.

Last week, I had the opportunity on the "Place Matters" radio show to explain the role of photography in placemaking, as a tool to better define the personal, contextual experience of a neighborhood or city venue.

Look for the two-part feature "The 12 qualities of placemaking," where Wolfe highlights some smart design principles, such as the importance of an "alluring focal point," the value of angles, and the need to celebrate "exotic signage."

Notes For placemaking

The word 'place-making' is also a technical term in bell ringing.

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